3 ways to improve your self-belief system -My personal insight

Let us look at a few things that have controlled and shaped all of us throughout our lives. We have all had situations thrown at us from time to time in our lives, some positive and some negative situations which have had a profound effect on our futures without really knowing or understanding this at that time.

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We are all connected – Inspire Life Freedom

You may have seen this as a crossroads, a question inside telling you it’s time to choose your path as things aren’t working out or in another instance, there may be an opportunity, an exciting opportunity where you have to decide what path serves you best, which path will enhance our lives and take us forward to the next stage. These decisions are not easy to make for most people, we can get overcome with emotions which can affect our decision-making mechanism, our gut feelings and our full-on desires from when we were younger and more confident and more fearless! Looking back at the decisions we have made in our lives and knowing where we went wrong only comes with age and let’s face it if we could do it all again, we would almost certainly do everything differently. Hindsight is a wonderful thing indeed! All this is well and good but I bet you are thinking, ok, so how can I change a few things in my life that truly can inspire me to positive change?

Here are 3 personal insights from my own experience in my life. These insights have shaped my future and my outlook for the better. These may not serve you as they have done to me but, overall, from my experience, finding this way of life and knowledge has inspired me to my freedom. My search for more fulfilment has begun.

Love Yourself more

Putting yourself first and creating a bit of ‘me’ time is a great place to start. Sometimes we forget how busy life gets, it becomes normal to be under pressure, to be stressed. This could be driven by your work life where getting up early in the morning, having to get to work on time, relying on public transport to get you there, working all day then getting home after a busy day for home life to then kick in again where you have to pick up your children, get them home, feed them and put them to bed before you get to breathe properly. You may then get to relax for an hour or so before you fall asleep on the couch and crawl to be late. All this before it all starts again the next day and the next. I have 3 young children and busy work life too. I understand totally how tough life can be but, what if I told you that now, more than ever I have more time on my hands to do more things with my children and for myself? How you may ask? Well, by creating more time for myself. I have changed my mindset to be able to fit these things in. I make my time to keep fit, to walk my dog further, to spend more time at the park with my children. My reasoning and perspective come from looking back to when I was younger with no children, no dog just me and my lifestyle, no responsibilities, my days were long and endless but, I didn’t look after myself well, I didn’t go to the gym walk my dog, take my children exploring. I was doing nothing with my life but the days were moving along just as fast. Now I make time for me, I have time to do all the things I want like meditation and mindfulness practice, online learning and just plain old chilling as and when I need. There is a balance to my life now which I’ve never had even though I have many more responsibilities.

Train Your Brain

Putting yourself first and investing in yourself will fundamentally be your greatest asset in years to come, this will also serve your children well. Knowledge is the key to abundant success. Learning new skills will take you to the next level of your life, guaranteed! If you have an overwhelming desire to try something new, learn a new skill then you must act upon this desire. Do not look back on your life with disappointment in missing the opportunity when it presents itself. When opportunity knocks….answer the door! Personally, I have gained knowledge from all 4 corners of the earth, I’ve always loved and respected knowledge and although having knowledge of a wide range of subjects does not necessarily give me an advantage. I would rather know everything about 2-3 subjects than a little about lots of subjects. This makes sense right? If only we knew what to learn we would all have an advantage in deciding our future. My discovery of online marketing, specifically with my current mentors has opened a humongous can of worms taking me on this exciting new journey. I have fully committed to my future in this field after seeing the massive potential and benefits I can bring to others through this. This time is my time also, putting the future of my family back to the front of my mind while doing something for myself too. If there is something you have always wanted to do or learn there’s no better time like the present to start your journey of discovery.

Think More Confidently…Attract Positivity

Discovering more about how my mind works have been the biggest and best thing to have happened to me in my life to date (apart from having my children obviously). Delving into the teachings of LAW OF ATTRACTION and finding inspirational gurus like TONY ROBBINS has given me a whole new way of looking at our beautiful world and how it all really works. If I could choose the best advice to give to you then this would be it. These gurus and teachings have been around a long time but it was only in recent years that I discovered the benefits of learning and following such a thing. If I had the opportunity 20 years ago of knowing this as I do now then my life and those around me would’ve been changed forever. Discover how you really think, what thought processes have defined your life in ways unimaginable finding inspiration and guidance through this knowledge will absolutely improve your life. Guided meditation is also highly recommended here but you have to be patient, learn how to relax your mind, live in the moment and learn to breathe again. Meditation is not for everyone but those, including me, that can give the time to this will discover a new you, someone more relaxed in all situations, someone with a positive vibe and don’t be surprised how people around you will see this new you and how you will attract good positive things into your life.

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