Chris Phillips


Hi, welcome to my about page. Here I will hopefully connect with you to give you confidence & peace of mind with what I'm all about. Stick with me to find out how I can help you.

Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Chris, I am 49 years of age and live in the U.K.  I am a family man with three young children. Although I was late to the party in having children, maybe in a perfect world, it would've been better to have started having them when I was younger, but the world is anything but easy or perfect if you find yourself thinking this way.  I wouldn't change it for anything indeed.

Life, for me, has not always gone to plan. From leaving school, not having any sort of plan to achieve more, no inspiration or desire to follow a path,  I just went with the flow, working in training schemes, factories, even the odd building site to try to live a little better at that current time of my life. Living in the moment as such. This worked well at the time and I was to find out quite a lot more later in life about the 'living in the moment' and 'flowing' through life aspects which came naturally to me without really knowing anything.

What I can tell you is that from all the ups and downs life has thrown at me, things were always working out for me in many ways, my experiences, good and bad have led me to this point in time, right here, right now as I share my story with you. I am discovering my purpose in life and my value to the world, we all have an individual value and purpose, some may discover this early in life, some not but, there will come a time, a crossroads if you like where we decide the next path and whether it's the path that is true and feels right. We have one life so we need to live it to the fullest. I've always questioned myself as to what I'm supposed to be doing? where is my life going? am I living the way I want? and am I fulfilling my truth? I now understand what that is, plain and simple. If I can touch someone's life in any way which gives them the confidence to help decide the next move or choosing the right path, striving to help people to help themselves then this would inspire me too.

During these unprecedented times in history, there are a lot of people, families struggling, losing their jobs and not knowing what to expect next, the choice is simple, re-educate, re-learn and invest in yourself, your future depends on YOU! Having the belief in yourself to say enough is enough, I need to do something about this situation, something for me, my future depends on me. This fighting attitude led me on an extremely exciting path. I first discovered meditation, which initially, I did not think would help but, this discovery has been 100% the most life-changing thing I have discovered along with the secrets of the Law of Attraction. The amount of fear in the world, even to today's more relaxed times is immense on people's minds and health, we all carry this fear in some form, a burden on our soul. Meditation in its many forms, relaxing the mind, learning to breathe properly has given me all kinds of extra skills. I am more grateful for everything, more relaxed, more confident, I believe in myself considerably more than I did before. That's when I found my calling to start my own business, to create my own path, to guide me and my family to a better future. Finding a training platform where I can learn everything I need to know about the online world, where I can meet people on the same journey and grow a business from scratch with little initial financial outlay was exciting and truly inspiring. I highly recommend riding this wave and see where you end up.  If I can guide and help you to see this for yourself for you to practice regularly and to incorporate positive change into your life religiously then this is the place to be right now.

My main drive and passion in life are to see people improve their health of the body and the mind and to realise they can achieve all they desire to be.  I am always striving for ideas, tips, services new technology concepts and products that can truly help inspire and motivate people to better themselves in many ways and improve their way of life. The key to total happiness is not from the world around you, although there are lots of really useful ideas and guidance out there, but from within. we need to look within to find the answers....they are there!

Throughout my website, I will be providing links and reviewing products, writing blogs even shooting video inspirations to help you to inspire your life into action.

If you are looking for inspiration to change your career, sign up for life mentoring programs, become your own boss or just be a better version of yourself then you are at the right place in time.

We can take this exciting journey together so remember, you can do this!!  you can live your life on your terms.

Become your inspiration, live life to your fullest and enjoy your future freedom. Good luck!