The Duality of being human

A picture that speaks with all the attributes of being human. To identify and accept that all we experience is part of our growth. I look at this picture and can relate to every single one of these experiences, both positive and negative. Is it that before you can really appreciate the positive, you have to experience the negative? For me, there are some truths in this way of thinking. I don’t mean, you need to have bad experiences in life to appreciate the good, as this would be untrue but, From having all good experiences in life where you experience no duality, only positive experience, must have a more serious impact on you if ever circumstances changed so, acknowledging the negative experiences almost prepare you, make you stronger as such if anything goes wrong.

The same goes for the opposite polarity to the positive experience. Having a constant negative experience, things, where you feel, are totally out of your control or that situations in life never go your way can have a huge effect on anyone in exactly the same way. This, I feel, comes down to how we perceive ourselves, our belief mechanism can have a positive and a negative effect on our lives without really noticing.

Appreciation and Gratitude

Regardless, of where we are now or, where our journey ends, we must learn to appreciate the good things in our lives and not put too much thought into anything else. Being grateful of the people we have in our lives, watching our children grow, having food on the table, to name just a few, can make a huge difference in our lives. Learning to appreciate the finer details and speaking these out loud to ourselves can really be the difference to feeling and living a more exciting and positive way. Introducing daily affirmations and meditation into your routine will help you to change your mindset. I promise you, once you see this, you will look at life in a whole new way.

Remember though, we are human, we feel and experience things individually and we need a certain level of duality to be able to grow.

If we can realise this, we can truly make a difference in our lives

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